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Mid-century modern and contemporary architecture has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, and the trend seems to be continuing unabated. The period of construction for these iconic dwellings began after the end of World War II and continued until the early 1970s. Styles morphed during that period, not only as time progressed but also depending on the geographic region. After all, modern architecture has often embraced its surroundings.

While mid-century modernism has often been associated with the west coast and southwest in this country, the Washington Metro area has its own rich history with the genre. There are numerous neighborhoods and subdivisions throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and even D.C. itself that are lasting testimony to a design

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One of the most scenic mid-century modern neighborhoods in the Washington Metro area has roots that preclude modernist design by more than two centuries. Wessynton is associated with the Mount Vernon community in southern Alexandria. The neighborhood’s first mention can be found in George Washington’s own diary, in an entry dated April 6, 1785. The president sowed the land, which was one of several large properties within his massive riverfront estate, with holly berries. As it turns out, the name Wessynton is Old English for Washington, the family ancestors having changed the spelling of their surname years before arriving in this country in the 1650s. 

Prior to the colonization of America, the Wessynton area belonged to the Doeg tribe, coastal Native

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Old Town Alexandria is the crown jewel of the City of Alexandria. Both a mecca for visitors and a highly popular place to live, the waterfront community is ideally located on the western banks of the Potomac River. The history here is long and involved; home to tobacco warehouses during the colonial era, raided by the British during the War of 1812 and known for its beer breweries in the pre-prohibition era! These days, the highly walkable Old Town offers the best of old and new, from original cobblestone streets to upscale shopping boutiques and top restaurants along King Street.

When it comes to red-hot real estate markets, Old Town has that covered as well. Properties don’t tend to be available for long before going under contract. As for

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For those who desire bird nest views, only a penthouse will suffice. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices throughout parts of the Washington Metro area, especially in upscale urban neighborhoods where cityscapes are plentiful. Usually described as a residence on an upper floor of a tall building, these desirable dwellings have come to define a certain exclusive lifestyle. Naturally, the sky-high abodes typically come with some sticker shock. Then again, that’s the price of business when you really, truly crave a life at the top.

Watergate Condos for Sale Topping this month’s list is Unit #1409N at the venerable Watergate complex in Washington’s Foggy Bottom neighborhood. The Watergate is a mixed-use community that is not only known for its place in

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Sales and open houses are underway at the Pierce condominium in Arlington. The 27-story luxury tower is still under construction, and is just one of three planned high-rise housing buildings in the ongoing Highlands development. The other two glass towers will be named Audrey and Evo. When completed in 2121, there will be approximately 884 residential units along with 40,000 square feet of retail space.

For now, one, two and three-bedroom units at Pierce are available for purchase, measuring between 1,266 to 2,403 square feet in size, with current prices ranging from the $900s up to nearly $3 million. There will be around 104 condos in the Pierce tower, with an anticipated delivery in Fall 2021. Interiors will feature wide-plank hickory hardwood

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From sprawling country estates to lofty penthouses in the city, luxury homes in the Washington Metropolitan area can represent many things to many people. This is, after all, a diverse region that is rich in history, yet continuing to evolve over time. Those desiring lap of luxury accommodations may wish to be close to the halls of political power in Washington, DC itself, or alternatively, may prefer getting away from the madding crowds while still maintaining a reasonably close proximity when it comes to daily commutes.Luxury Condos for Sale in Washington DC

Whatever the geographical case may be, there’s plenty to consider when it comes to upscale living. That includes architectural styles, with a rich smorgasbord of design, from traditional to modern. Do you want lush gardens or carefree

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When the subject of mid-century modern homes comes up, many people think of the western part of the country, especially California and Arizona. But a contemporary movement also sprung up in the Washington Metro region during the postwar period. It was fueled by not only by architectural adventurism, but a free market manifestation of the American Dream and a transition from a federal workforce buildup to a booming private sector.

These factors, together with the topography of the area and a rich tradition of design, resulted in an unusually varied collection of modern and contemporary home styles. From cubist shoeboxes with glass walls to multilevel structures built into the sides of grassy hills, the choices were plentiful. The passage of time during

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The Residences at CityCenter are the residential component of the new CityCenter community in Downtown Washington, DC. Delivered in 2013, this is one of the city’s newest and most luxurious condominiums. But the sheer size and scope of the project differentiate it from other developments in the area.

Spanning 10 prime acres, CityCenter was the second largest mixed-use urban development project in the entire nation at its delivery. That’s enough to make it unique. But there is so much more—the auspicious new enterprise is more than a place to sleep, with upscale shopping and dining, a 1.5-acre outdoor park, a plaza, a Westin Hotel and more to come, including a Conrad Hilton hotel.

Residences at CityCenter in Washington DC

Centered on the footprint of the old convention center, CityCenter

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Hidden among the trees and fauna of Hybla Valley in the southern part of Alexandria, is a neighborhood far removed from typical Washington Metro norms. You won’t find spacious Colonial homes, luxury condos or antique row houses for sale here. What you will find are riveting examples of bold design—Hollin Hills was the first DC area community comprised exclusively of mid-century modern homes.  More than 450 of these iconic structures were built between 1949 and 1971, set into ungraded lots, surrounded by trees and featuring giant windows with which to gaze out at the natural splendor

It all began when developer Robert Davenport purchased 326 acres of hilly wilderness for a song and set about creating a paradise where homes would be affordable, stylish

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What is a Mid-Century Modern Home?

A half-century after their initial heyday, mid-century modern homes are once again all the rage. Typified by clean angles, bold rooflines, and large windows, these iconic structures blazed a new path through traditional and sometimes staid architectural styles.

The trend had its roots in the European Arts & Crafts era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and Germany's Bauhaus School formed in 1919. The new vogue soon hopped the ocean and was embraced by American architects—most notably Frank Lloyd Wright who led the Prairie Style movement with low-pitched roofs and overhanging eaves.

From the late 1800s to the 1950s, Wright continued evolving his designs as well as influencing numerous other architects.

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