Homes with swimming pools in the Washington Metropolitan area certainly aren’t as common as in other parts of the country. This isn’t Arizona or California. Yet, they do exist—especially when it comes to luxury homes for sale.

It is worth noting from the outset that single-family homes for sale in Washington DC itself don’t always have the most spacious lot sizes. That, of course, can vary—residences in the District’s northernmost suburban neighborhoods tend to have more land. As for Northern Virginia and Maryland, homes with pools are generally apt to be found in the suburbs rather than busy urban areas. Makes sense, right?

Homes with Swimming Pool in Washington Metropolitan Area

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Also, pools don’t necessarily increase the value of homes for sale in Washington Metro—especially given the desire for as much backyard space as possible. Home sellers have even been known to fill in the swimming pools with dirt before listing. Can you imagine if you decided to do some landscaping and discovered a buried pool?

When it comes to massive mansions for sale, swimming pools are more common. You’ll even find waterfront propertries overlooking the Potomac River and other bodies of water with both swimming pools and private docks! That’s living the good life—DC Metro-style. Does that mean that only homes of the rich and potentially famous have large watery receptacles to splash around in? Not at all. For those enterprising bargain-seeking, pool-desiring types, there is hope—modest Ramblers and Split-levels built in the 1950s and 60s have been known include swim options. After all, wasn’t a pool the ultimate Brady Bunch-era status symbol?

From Olympic-sized pools to small round above-ground tubs that don’t go any deeper than a few feet, a body of water can be just the ticket for cooling off during those unbearably muggy Washington Metro dog days of summer. And those that do possess such a thing find themselves becoming very popular during scorching afternoons—especially with the neighborhood kids.

So whether it’s a long, narrow lap pool, the ubiquitous kidney-shaped affair or one of those fabulous creations with a “natural” shape and waterfall, swimming pools are a special breed of animal when it comes to Washington Metro homes for sale. So browse the listings and dream a little dream—of balmy days and nights by the pool, with chaise lounges, frosty drinks and hyper kids cannonballing to their hearts’ delight.

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