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Modern Washington DC Homes for Sale

While you probably have heard the terms modern and contemporary thrown around when it comes to home décor, they’re hardly the same thing. Although the two are sometimes mistakenly interchanged, there’s a real difference between the design principles.

Modern Design

As far as modern design goes, it refers to the style created in between 1920-1950. This style doesn’t change or evolve. Another way to reference this type of design is mid-century modern. Modern design is simplistic without the need for a large amount of added decorations or accessories. Furniture is functional, with minimal usage of textures.

You can recognize modern design by its clean principles. You’ll often find naturally made materials like leather and wood, as well as molded

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Modern Lofts For Sale in Washington DCReal estate in DC is a mix of the old and the new, and that becomes vividly apparent when you see some of the area’s modern lofts.  With high-end features and sleek designs, the residential portions of this vibrant city come to life inspired by a new take on design and function.

With such highly sought after locations as West End and Arlington, DC’s modern lofts provide a unique living arrangement for those who aren’t attracted to the draw of suburban sprawl.  

With wide open floor plans, soaring ceilings and walls of windows providing the influx of natural light, modern lofts in DC provide a unique location for prospective homeowners in search of luxurious lines and well-appointed features.  While some of the buildings themselves are brand new, other

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Features of a Modern BathroomWhether you have an older home in need of improvement, or are in search of a newer home, one of the best features can sometimes be found in a home’s bathroom.  Making the bathroom more modern in design may include transforming it into a spa-life experience, or simply adding more modern features and design.

Many modern bathrooms these days include upgraded finishes and upscale features.  This encompasses things like granite countertops, and a base starting with a neutral color.  Not only will this make the bathroom more modern, but also make it appear more luxurious and relaxing.

Commonly, modern bathrooms use materials that are more peaceful and pleasing to the eye.  You may find mosaic tile on the wall, wood planks on the floor and large, oversized soaking

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Modern Living Room: DC Modern Real Estate

While many homes used to have both formal and informal living space, these days a modern home often serves a variety of needs and purposes all in one setting.  With this in mind, there are several key features that come to mind inside a modern living room.  Some of the top design features include everything from large open spaces to contemporary furnishings.

A modern living room is airy and is open in design.  No longer is a home closed off into small rooms, but the living spaces flow in a continuous line into each other.  You will often find a modern living room is wide open to the kitchen and to other portions of a home.  A wall of windows helps open up the space even more.

One of the most important features of a living room is sitting space.  A

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Search Washington DC Real Estate Near Metro Stops


According to a report done by the American Public Transportation Association, more Americans used public transportation last year than they have in roughly 6 decades. It's estimated that people all across the country took 10.8 billion trips on public transportation in 2014, and although the increase is less than one percentage point from 2013, it still marks the highest use of public transportation in 58 years.

Despite the nationwide increase however, public transit use in Washington DC actually fell in 2014, which many officials blame on a federal policy that encourages residents to drive in order take advantage of certain tax incentives. But along with that, Metro track repairs and a

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