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Search Washington DC Area New Construction Communities

Now that the housing crash that started back in 2008 seems to fully be in the rearview mirror, new construction is again on the rise around the Washington DC area, especially in Maryland and Northern Virginia. At last check, roughly 2,500 new homes or home sites over 442 individual housing communities are available around Washington DC’s Virginia suburbs, while nearly 2,000 new homes or home sites are currently on the market in over 340 communities in DC’s Maryland suburbs.

Whether you’re looking for a new construction townhouse community, a new construction single-family community, or perhaps a development that features a little bit of everything, new construction real estate for sale in the Washington DC area is as hot as ever, making it as

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Modern Townhomes For Sale in Washington DC
The townhome has made a comeback in the Washington DC area thanks to its attractive and functional design. Today there are many modern and contemporary townhomes to choose from in the area.

1327 4th Street SW

1327 4th Street SW was built in 1966 and features a number of attractive homes within the same building. The homes feature their own sweeping staircases and private den spaces. The living rooms on the lower parts of the homes are very spacious.

1911 Belmont Road NW

As a more recent townhome that was built in 1998, the 1991 Belmont Road NW townhome area features more natural lighting areas than many other classic areas. The development has been designed to include an elaborate floor plant that uses simple hallways to link up the rooms with

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There are many amazing housing communities in the Washington DC area for you to choose from right now. These include some attractive mid-century neighborhoods that include some modern-style homes. These are homes that were designed particularly for post-war families and today have become available to everyone in the region.

Hollin Hills

Hollin Hills is located around Old Town in Alexandria and has been around since the 1940s. The homes here include some attractive modern tones that mix classic brick bodies with tall glass walls and perfectly symmetrical outlines around the outside parts of the homes. Hollin Hills not only has some spacious homes for single families but it also has a series of community parks and even its own area pool and tennis

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DC Modern Architects

The Washington DC area is home to an assortment of different housing communities and developments. Many of them are designed by some of the hottest modern architects in the area. These are people who have devoted themselves to offering some attractive homes around the area.

Barnes Vanze Architects

Barnes Vanze Architects have been behind many modern homes around the DC area and has expanded quite a bit since it started out with only two architects in 1989. Today this team of nearly thirty architects design homes that mix the modern sensibilities of urban design with the comforts of classic and traditional homes. This inspiration can be seen in the quaint and classic influences found within the interior spaces of their homes.

David Jameson

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Modern DC Real Estate For Sale

There are all sorts of great contemporary style homes to check out in the Washington DC area right now, and with that, there are also just as many good reasons as to why such properties are so popular among today's home buyers. For an inside look at why modern homes in Washington DC are so popular right now, consider the following reasons...

Attractive Contemporary Styles

The designs of these modern homes include some amazing appearances that are very unique and attractive in style. These include many streamlined designs that are paired with some straight lines around their roofing surfaces, walls and even their windows.

Some handsome glass accents may also be found in a few spaces. A mix of stone, wood and siding surfaces can be found on many of

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Modern DC Lofts For Sale

The world of loft buildings in the Washington DC area has grown quite a bit in recent yeas, and now it's one of the hottest property-types today's home buyers are considering. If you're unfamiliar with residential lofts for sale in Washington DC, here's a few of the most appealing modern loft buildings to check out right now.

1225 Lofts: 1225 13th Street NW

1225 Lofts is located at 1225 13th Street NW near the Mount Vernon Metro station and was built in 2004. This is a pet-friendly building that has a series of open floor plans that create a seamless appearance within a residence. The fine white and gray appearance of the building features plenty of accents on the surface to create a more visually stunning look to the loft building.

View modern

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