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Multi-family homes for sale in the Washington, DC Metro area come in a surprisingly wide range of styles and sizes. Strictly speaking, the term applies to any structure that has more than one residential unit. The huge number of row houses in the region factor in strongly, as many have basement apartments, or have been subdivided into multiple homes. From duplexes to larger stand-alone buildings, multi-family properties are a backbone of the real estate market.

Multi-Family Buildings | Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

Exploring Multi-Family Homes for Sale in the DC Area

Those searching for investment opportunities in the DC area often turn their attention to mid-rise buildings. This is due in part to the history of the region. Like other old and densely populated cities in the country, Washington, DC, and Alexandria, Virginia experienced a rapid residential expansion during the 19th and 20th centuries. And in neighborhoods where property grids were tightly packed, the choice to build multi-family structures was obvious.

It makes sense, then, to consider row houses, smaller apartment buildings, or structures that weren’t originally intended for residential use, as opportunities for rental income. The Washington area is well known for adaptive reuse developments, with former churches, warehouses, schools, and other buildings being renovated and converted to multiple residences, whether for condominium sales or rentals.

As mentioned above, older row houses make up a goodly portion of multifamily properties for sale, designed in an extraordinary variety of styles in DC, including Victorian, Beaux Arts, Wardman, and Richardsonian. You’ll find a lot of Federal-style buildings in Old Town Alexandria, and Colonial Revivals from the pre-World War II period in certain neighborhoods in Arlington.

One of the better known historic redevelopments in DC is the Columbia Residences in Washington’s West End neighborhood, a former women’s hospital that was ultimately renovated and turned into luxury condos for sale. Another interesting example is The Oronoco in Old Town Alexandria, a former sheet metal workers union building that was gutted and transformed into highly modern condos overlooking the Potomac River. In DC’s Logan Circle, a series of former auto body work and car showcase buildings known as “Auto Row” evolved into hip loft buildings. And don’t forget the Yale Steam Laundry, once cleaning the White House linens, and now home to chic condos.

Regardless of what your ultimate intent is, multi-family homes for sale in the DC Metro area represent an enduring tradition and a major portion of the local real estate inventory. To learn more, please contract Andre Perez at District Partners at Compass, 202-798-3600.

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