Rowhouses for Sale in the Washington Metropolitan Area

If there is any one type of architecture that symbolizes Washington, DC, it is the venerable row house (sometimes spelled as one word and sometimes two). You’ll also find these side-by-side, multi-story structures in other parts of the metropolitan area, including Old Town Alexandria

First introduced to the area in the 1800s as an economical way to house the workforce, Washington DC rowhouses, with anywhere from two-to-four stories, have also had a lasting influence on modern concepts. How often will you hear new townhouses described as “retro row house-style?”

But is there really a difference between row houses and townhouses? The distinctions can be slight, and when it comes to real estate search engines they are both categorized as condominiums. Why is this? Because for the most part, these developments house more than one family or owner. To learn more about Washington DC rowhouses for sale, have a look at the active listings below, or call us today for more information!

Rowhouses and Townhouses for Sale in the Washington Metro Area

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Classifying rowhouses as condos doesn't always happen, however, as some of the old Victorian row-houses in DC have been opened up into large single-family residences.Popular DC neighborhoods such as Adams Morgan, Logan Circle, Dupont Circle, Eckington and Kalorama are just a few of the many communities where renovated row houses thrive.

In early row house construction, long rectangular lots were platted for the sole purpose of contiguously fronted buildings—tall, narrow houses that were constructed in a row without space between them. They had four walls, but were placed side-by-side.

Later, the idea was adapted into the modern townhouse as we now know it—whether brick or clapboard and sometimes with common walls, and sometimes with individual side walls. Modern day townhouses came into popularity in the late 1960s and have continued to prosper and evolve.

One of the hottest trends in the “homes for sale” market in Washington Metro are new, upscale townhouses with three-to-four levels. These usually include a garage and additional space at the ground level, with kitchen and living room on the second level and bedrooms, rec rooms and other family space at the upper levels. Don’t forget the rooftop terraces!

There is also the “townhome” category which is basically just a fancy term for a big luxurious townhouse. There are even cases where townhomes have slivers of space between them.

Ultimately, these are all variations on the same theme, and serve as a staple item in the Washington Metro real estate market.

So whether you call them row houses, townhouses or town homes, these residential properties are all birds of the same feather. That is not to say, however, that all feathers are created equal! Give us a call for more on awesome Washington DC rowhouses for sale and other real estate and housing options on the Metro DC real estate market.

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