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The first thing to know when it comes to Alexandria, VA homes for sale is that there are a lot of them. Geographical definitions can get a little confusing but the way it generally goes is there’s Alexandria in its largest surface area which extends into a portion of Fairfax County, then there’s the City of Alexandria which is smaller (but still really big) and finally Old Town Alexandria which is the oldest and smallest section.

This article is about the super-sized version, located along the banks of the Potomac River and bordered by Arlington County to the north, Maryland to the east and reaching into part of Fairfax County to the south. That means there’s literally dozens and dozens of individual neighborhoods and while it would take way too long to list them all, a sampling would include not only those in the city, but also upscale enclaves along the Potomac River to the south such as Arcturus, Belle Haven, Collingwood, Fort Hunt, Mount Vernon and others. Also noteworthy is Hollin Hills -- an entire mid-century modern community with over 450 iconic modernist homes. Inland upscale suburbs to the west such as Kingstowne and Springfield also continue to gain in popularity. 

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More About the Alexandria Real Estate Market

Just trust that there are hundreds of homes and condos for sale from palatial antique manors to the newest mixed-use condo developments. And don’t forget one of Alexandria’s biggest pool of properties—luxury multi-storied townhouses which seem to be sprouting everywhere like a real estate garden on steroids. 

Alexandria was founded in 1749 with roots that date back even further. And while many of the oldest homes for sale can be found in the historical seat of Old Town, there are still plenty of Federal, Colonial, Greek revival and other antique styles throughout the area. Plus lots of catalog kit cottages from the early 1900s. Whether they came from Sears Roebuck, Montgomery Ward or Aladdin, most people just affix the generic “Craftsman” label.

From the historic waterfront to newer inland master-planned communities, Alexandria is going through a phenomenal transition. New residents are arriving in a steady stream and the economy is booming, thanks to government agencies, high-tech sectors and a strong retail foundation. Will there be enough housing for everyone? That’s a question for forward-thinking city planners and maybe we don’t even want to know.

For now, there’s construction crews swinging hammers and new condos for sale being delivered to market. Plus, new custom homes and old restored buildings and shops and restaurants and malls and more. Alexandria is just about six miles from DC (depending on where you put the ruler) and one of the most popular communities in the entire Washington Metro region. For more information about Alexandria, VA homes for sale, contact District Partners at Compass today, (202) 798-3600.



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