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There are two parts of Alexandria—the vibrant independent city and the greater Alexandria area which includes part of Fairfax County. You’ll find appealing real estate throughout the entire region, but it is the eclectic urbanized portion that has become such a destination place for luxury condos and townhouses for sale.

Old Town Alexandria is the beating heart of the city with its superb waterfront location and an amazing array of boutique shopping, art galleries, top restaurants and entertainment. Strolling along old cobblestone streets, one can’t help but be captured by the centuries old row houses, sidewalk cafes, and landmark attractions.

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The History of Alexandria

Alexandria was settled circa 1669 via early land grants and quickly became home to sprawling plantations. By 1732, an integral tobacco warehouse had been established overlooking Oronoco Bay. The city itself was officially founded in 1749. The area now known as Old Town—the city’s historical seat—soon grew into one of the busiest waterfronts in a nascent nation.

The Evolution of a City

Today, Alexandria offers an intriguing blend of centuries of evolution and development. One of the great challenges for city planners has been retaining the original charm that draws so many visitors, while adapting to the needs of a continually growing population.

As a result, you’ll still find plenty of antique Colonial, Federal and Victorian-style structures, as well as adaptive reuse projects that have transformed old buildings into something new, while preserving original elements. There are also numerous brand-new properties, from upscale townhomes that offer a traditional look to modern high-rise towers.

A Lifestyle Choice

Ultimately, living in Alexandria is a lifestyle choice. Whether it’s fun neighborhoods like Del Ray with its abundance of original Craftsman homes along with indie shops and restaurants, new developments like Potomac Yard (at the site of a former railyard), or Old Town itself, there’s something here for everyone.

From lush parks to river cruises, and from cosmopolitan shopping and entertainment to Civil War walking tours, this is a community like none other. To learn more about condos for sale in Alexandria, call District Partners Real Estate, LLC, at 202-798-3600.