Pet Friendly Buildings in Washington, DC

The desire to share your living space with a pet is one of the most common wish list items when researching condos for sale. This holds true in urban settings as well as quiet residential neighborhoods. And if you want to take your pooch out for a stroll on a Washington DC sidewalk, what’s the harm?

You’ll find plenty of animal lovers in the nation’s capital and fortunately, pet friendly buildings in DC are quite common. That’s not to say that you should ever assume the right of bringing a furry friend home to live with you—it’s always best to check the rules first, or to speak to someone in a position of authority on the subject.

Pet Friendly Condos for Sale in Washington, DC

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Also, the size and type of animal can make a huge difference. It’s doubtful that anyone will object to a goldfish in a bowl for instance. And who’s to say you can’t form a nice bond with that innocuous little fish? Cats and very small dogs can also sometimes be an easier sell than a giant mastiff or other large breed. Also, Washington DC has rules prohibiting ownership of certain exotic pets, including the ever-popular ferrets.

Popular dog parks in DC include S Street Dog Park near Dupont Circle, Lincoln Park and Stanton Park (both in the Capitol Hill/NE area), Shaw Dog Park in Shaw, Montrose Park in Georgetown, Riverdale Conservancy in Cleveland Park and the Newark Street Dog Park which is nestled into Glover Archbold Park near McLean Gardens.

Almost all condos, lofts and townhouses for sale in Washington will specify a pet policy in the listing information. This is also true of apartment rentals and cooperatives. Rentals can be more restrictive for obvious reasons—building owners don’t look forward to refinishing hardwood floors after a tenant with a rebellious feline has moved out. Pet deposits are fairly standard in rentals that are pet friendly. To learn more, call District Partners at Compass, 202-798-3600.