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What is a sister community? Generally speaking, a city, town or village that shares its name, and often some common history, with another community. Often, they can be found on opposite sides of a border. A good example is Friendship Village, also sometimes referred to as the Village of Friendship Heights. It gets kind of confusing!

The subject of this particular profile can be found in Montgomery County, Maryland, just north of its Washington, DC twin. Real estate properties here are almost exclusively condos for sale.

Originally, there was just one large Friendship Heights, dating back to a “friendship grant” given to colonists in 1713. At the time, the Washington, DC/Maryland border didn't exist in the same way that it does today.The area was all farmland at the time, with a focus on tobacco.

Around 1900, a streetcar line from Georgetown arrived, at which point the community on the DC side of the border began to develop further.

But our Maryland version was slower to develop—a few houses here and there, and then the above-mentioned forming of the Village of Friendship Heights subset, which was founded in 1914.  

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More About the Friendship Heights Real Estate Market

So forgetting all the serpentine distinctions, let’s just get down to the simplest common denominator for this friendly village type-place—that despite all the quaint historical stories, the overwhelming majority of active listings are condos for sale in gleaming modern glass and steel towers.

That’s right—this community of less than 5,000 residents, which is often associated with Chevy Chase, is all about modernity, whether 1980s contemporary structures or more recent mixed-use developments. And while small studio or one-bedroom units can be found in the low six figures, prices are more typically found in a range from the mid-sixes to over a million dollars.

What can you expect for your money in Friendship Village? Lots of luxury, typically represented by hardwood floors, window walls, balconies and/or terraces, and deluxe open kitchens with stainless steel appliances, granite counters and oversized custom cabinets.  

You’ll also find lots of great restaurants along Western Avenue which serves as the Maryland/DC border, including Range by Bryan Voltaggio. You can add shops and malls, including Mazza Gallerie with its AMC multiplex and the Shops at the Chevy Chase Pavilion.

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