Bethesda, MD Homes For Sale

Bethesda, Maryland is the land of  multimillion-dollar homes for sale. Starting with the most expensive listing and scrolling down, one becomes lost in pages of internet opulence, on a byzantine journey through a place where even townhouses and modest cottages cost a king's ransom.
Eventually, however, there will be a glimpse of light at the edge of the forest and six-figure homes and condos for sale appear. From there it will become a fairly quick trip to the end of the road where there will even be some entry-level condos for sale, starting at around $150,000. For more information about Bethesda, MD homes for sale, give us a call today!

Bethesda MD Homes for Sale

More About the Bethesda Real Estate Market 

With 60,000 residents, this large affluent community in Montgomery County has it all, from monster mansions to urban mixed-use condos for sale. Just how affluent is it? CNN Money labeled it America's top-earning town while Forbes calls it both the No. 1 most-educated small town and No. 2 most-livable city in the nation. So which is it, Forbes—city or small town?
Centuries before the arrival of upscale homes and condos for sale, Bethesda was the site of a ridgeline trail used by Algonquian-speaking tribes. That same dirt trail was later used by colonial settlers to roll giant hogsheads of tobacco to the port of Georgetown in Washington, DC—the dirt road would ultimately become Wisconsin Avenue. Other important stops along the timeline include the arrival of electric streetcars around 1890.
But what about homes and condos for sale in Bethesda? While you can still find some incredible old manors dating back to the 1800s, Bethesda's major residential expansion began when a real estate magnate purchased 185 acres of land and carved it into 250 lots, creating a community “for those of refined taste, demanding a better social atmosphere than surrounds the usual suburb.”

But for all the hype and buildup, you don't actually have to spend a fortune to buy a home in Bethesda—condos for sale range from the low six figures all the way up to million-dollar territory. Those with their hearts set on detached single-family homes for sale will have to face reality, however—prices start around $600,000 for Ramblers and 1960s-era Split-levels. And then you're back to the endless pages of elite properties, from awesome antiques to brand new custom mansions the size of shopping malls.
All-in-all, Bethesda is a thriving city with a strong economy. Local employers include the National Institutes of Health, Lockheed Martin and Bethesda Naval Hospital. The number of restaurants is off the charts and there's country clubs and golf courses, parks and recreation, the popular Montgomery Mall and much more. This is indeed, one of the premiere real estate destinations in Washington Metro.

Bethesda FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Bethesda in relationship to Washington, DC?

A: Bethesda is located in the southern part of Montgomery County, with the downtown Bethesda area about 2.5 miles from the Washington, DC border. The White House is about seven miles from Bethesda.

Q: Is Bethesda an old place?

A: The Bethesda area dates back to the early colonial era and tobacco farming. It developed much more substantially after the arrival of streetcars in 1890, as well as the advent of automobiles.

Q: Is modern day Bethesda a city or a suburb?

A: Bethesda is an unincorporated area measuring approximately 13 square miles, and with a growing population that is approaching 70,000. You’ll find a vibrant urban setting in the downtown area, with an abundance of shops, restaurants, and entertainment along the Wisconsin Avenue corridor and Bethesda Row. Many other parts of Bethesda are suburban and residential, with tree-lined streets and gracious homes.

Q: Is Bethesda a good place to live?

A: Bethesda is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in work in the country. The combination of urban and suburban settings, along with convenience, location, and an abundance of greenspaces, adds to the appeal for homebuyers and residents.

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