Alexandria City, VA Condos For Sale

Condos and townhouses for sale continue to dominate the real estate market in Alexandria. Founded in 1749, this independent city in Northern Virginia is made up of a number of unique neighborhoods and subdivisions, with the historical seat being Old Town. It’s easy to see why condos are so popular here—the city only covers about 15 square miles and is home to over 150,000 residents.

The continuing trend toward multifamily housing isn’t limited to Alexandria, of course. New condominium and townhouse construction is booming throughout the Washington Metropolitan area, including DC itself, Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax and Maryland as well.

But new development can sometimes be thorny, due to complex zoning laws as well as historic preservation rules. There are numerous historic districts throughout the city, and Old Town itself poses all sorts of quandaries—how to best offer new housing opportunities to a growing population while still maintaining a modicum of the tradition and charm that is the very foundation and attraction of the region?

As a result, you’ll find a staggering array of architectural styles as well as some interesting ways of dealing with history and appearances.

For example, The Oronoco is a complex of 60 modernist flats on the western banks of the Potomac River in Old Town. The developers were able to create something very new and unique by incorporating the existing structure—in this case, an office building for the Sheet Metal Workers Pension Fund that was stripped to its elements and redesigned.

Or how about Potomac Yard—an aging and massive rail yard that was completely transformed into upscale townhouses and retail? There’s also the fascinating case of Cameron Station—a former army installation that became a “small town” community of townhouses, condos and single family homes in the West End, with 18th and 19th century design concepts and tons of community amenities.

Not all parts of the city are historic. The Carlyle District is a fast-growing bubble community with gleaming high-rise condominiums such as Carlyle Towers as well as all sorts of businesses, retail and restaurants.

In some cases, antique buildings simply continue as the present day fabric of Alexandria, with renovated row houses being a staple choice for eager buyers from Old Town to Lynhaven near the city’s northern bounds. There’s also no shortage of garden-style apartment communities built during the 1940s that have gone condo in recent years.

Whether it’s new retail-driven development in Landmark/Van Dorn, the Metro appeal of Braddock Road or the desire for waterfront properties along the river, condos for sale in Alexandria are hot ticket items indeed. Ready to do some browsing?

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