Brookland Real Estate, Washington DC

As real estate buyers in Washington, DC push ever further east in their quest for deals, neighborhoods like Brookland have soared in popularity. Located in the Northeast section of the city, this quirky little community boasts an intriguing array of homes for sale and a burgeoning retail spine along the Rhode Island Avenue Main Street.

There’s a catch of course—there always is. Those bargain prices have been spiking upward in recent years. Now more of a destination than a place to be shunned, Brookland is surrounded by other communities in transition, including Edgewood to the west and Woodridge to the east. It’s also close to the Maryland border.

The area dates back to very early Colonial land grants and remained farmland throughout much of the 19th century. The Civil War era brought the construction of Fort Slemmer and Fort Bunker Hill, and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad came through in the 1870s. There were some notable mansions and country estates during this era. But it was the arrival of a streetcar line and the building of the Catholic University of America in 1887 that really gave the community its boost.

Residential development continued to pick up from that point forward, and today, much of Brookland’s real estate inventory comes from a busy and extended period between the late 1800s and early 1940s. Construction never really ceased, however, with properties continuing to be built all the way up to the present day.

As a result, you’ll find an amazing potpourri of homes and condos for sale, including grand Victorians, funky Craftsman cottages, Colonial Revivals, row houses, mid-century designs, apartments that have converted to condos and new upscale developments.

Prices also run the gamut, starting in the low-to-mid six figures for modest condo conversions and climbing to well over a million dollars for beautifully restored large antique houses.

But despite the new high sticker shock that has been ushered in, Brookland retains its sense of eclectic charm. Anchored by an ever-evolving collection of shops, galleries, bars, restaurants and coffeehouses along 12th Street, as well as the Rhode Island Avenue drag, this is a place with tons of cultural appeal.

New developments in the neighborhood include Monroe Street Market with restaurants, retail, residences and artists’ studios. Locals also enjoy eateries like the Brookland Grill, Brookland’s Finest Bar & Kitchen, Menomale, Smith Public Trust and the fascinating Bespoke Kitchen—a locally sourced “occasional supper club” hosted by the chefs from Eat and Smile Catering. Also, commuting is a snap via the Rhode Island Avenue Metro.