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There has been a mad rush for affordable homes for sale in Washington, DC in recent years and most neighborhoods have quickly skyrocketed in price. Hence the push further and further east in search of new frontiers. Woodbridge has been in the spotlight most recently, thanks to real estate giant Redfin naming it the hottest neighborhood in DC in 2015.

Suddenly homes for sale that were listing in the $300s a couple years ago have now nearly doubled in price. Suffice to say, there has been a lot of renovating and flipping in the community.

Woodbridge is an elongated strip of a neighborhood in the northeastern quadrant of the city, nestled up against the Maryland border. Its bounds are Eastern Avenue, Michigan, 18th Street, New York Avenue and Bladensburg Road. Rhode Island Avenue runs through the center of Woodbridge, offering residents a straight shot into the heart of downtown DC.

Originally farmland, Woodbridge is a hilly place with quiet tree-lined streets. Residential development began in the early 1900s with Victorian porch-front houses and Craftsman bungalows, with a greater burst of construction during the 1920s and 1930s. Boxy Colonial Revivals in either brick or clapboard (or combinations) formed the backbone of that expansion. You’ll also find a few 1930s and early 1940s row houses.

Construction slowed but didn’t halt altogether during the mid-century period, with Cape Cods, Ramblers and cottages cropping up. Most of these were built from brick.

Woodbridge’s neighbors include Brookland to the west and Mount Rainer on the other side of the Maryland border, to the west. Both of these communities have already gone through upwardly trending transitions, and in fact, continue to do so.

It took quite a while for social media, numbers-crunching and the allure of buying a house rather than a one-bedroom condo, to catch up with what was for so long an un-hip middle-class neighborhood on the fringes of the city. But you can now throw out all the old perceptions, and place an offer on an antique home with great bones.

Woodbridge residents have plenty to enjoy in their little neighborhood. A new, 20,000 square-foot modern public library with a project budget of $16.5 million opened in September 2016. There’s also a community center, a neighborhood pool, an unassuming dog park and a hodgepodge of mom and pop businesses and convenience stores. To learn more, call District Partners at Compass, at (202) 798-3600.

This isn’t exactly Adams Morgan or Old Town Alexandria, and there probably won’t be a rush to open a restaurant row of top-chef eateries anytime soon. But it definitely is a place that has jumped out in a big way at enterprising real estate shoppers.

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