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To say that the exclusive enclave of Villamay is small would be saying just a little—this coastal community is home to less than 300 families! Located in the southern part of Alexandria, Virginia and nestled alongside the Potomac River and its greenbelt, this lovely subdivision boasts nice homes for sale set along curving quiet streets.

Villamay also has a serpentine history, dating back to 1703 when Northern Virginia colonist Thomas Sandiford received a land grant of 598 acres along the lush riverfront. Upon Sandiford’s death in 1723, the land was willed to William Dorrell. More than 60 years later, 471 adjacent waterfront acres were granted to a land baron named Roger West. The two large side-by-side grants make up what is now known as Villamay and Westgrove.

Villamay Alexandria Homes for Sale

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These prime plots of land continued to change hands over future generations, sometimes passed down and other times sold off in lesser portions. There were some grand manors and farm houses over the years as well, but most of those are now gone. But what was left was the land itself with its tree-dappled rolling hills and views of the Potomac River below.

The era of residential development finally arrived in the 1950s when a land developer from Texas purchased 155 acres of the original Sandiford-West grants and divided it into 15 very large lots. But the actual construction process was slow—the first home wasn’t completed until 1958 and it took a full decade for the other 14 to be built. A citizen’s association was created in 1960, and some other developers purchased land and set about building their own pleasantly upscale mid-century homes on somewhat smaller lots.

These days, Villamay remains one of the smaller communities in the area, a place with fewer homes, generous lot sizes and a nice, laid-back way of life along the river. Many of the original homes are still in existence with Cape Cod, Rambler and split-level styles. The hilly nature of the land especially lends itself to the split-level concept with homes graduating from single to multiple stories. There is also some newer construction as well. Homes for sale usually start around $700,000 and climb to well over a million dollars.

This popular bedroom community near the river is convenient to Old Town Alexandria, Arlington and Washington DC itself. And even though the real estate inventory in Alexandria and Fairfax County is generally tight, there are actually some active listings in Villamay and surrounding communities. Call District Partners at Compass to learn more, (202) 798-3600.

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