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It seems as though Rosslyn, Virginia has been in a continual state of evolution over its many years. That transition continues today, for an urban waterfront community in Arlington with some very upscale lofts, condos and townhouses for sale. This is also a place where views of the Potomac River reign supreme—hence some of the priciest penthouses in the region.

Rosslyn’s early history was as a wild place known for saloons, gambling and brothels. It was also frequented by highwaymen—bandits who would lie in wait along a section of road known as Dead Man’s Hollow. Here they would accost farmers returning from the ferry after selling their wares across the river in DC. By the early 1900s, a morals cleanup campaign took place. One of the social reformers involved in that effort was Frank Lyon who would later develop the communities of Lyon Park and Lyon Village to the west.

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As decades passed, many of Rosslyn’s charming detached single-family homes and garden apartments gave way to increased industrial development, a fact that did little to add to residential allure. By the 1960s and 1970s, a new wave of commercial development took shape in the form of high-rise office, apartment and condo buildings. That trend has carried over to the present, but with some important new changes. Arlington County is now endeavoring to make Rosslyn a more walk-friendly environment with new shops and restaurants. But progress also takes its toll once more—the historic 107-year old Wilson School will be razed in favor of a new and more modern school.

Rosslyn also serves as the gateway to the Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor—an east-west passageway centering on Clarendon and Wilson Boulevards, and connecting the neighborhoods of Rosslyn, Courthouse, Clarendon, Virginia Square and Ballston. This has arguably become Arlington’s hottest area in recent years with great bars and restaurants, retail, entertainment and luxury properties for sale.

Many of the old historic single-family homes in Rosslyn are now gone but there are still a few for sale here and there. For the most part, however, the real estate market caters to condos and such. Among the more popular buildings and developments are the Waterview and Turnberry Tower (both luxury high-rises known for their spectacular Potomac views), the new Key & Nash with 63 units, and a 109-townhouse community known as Highgate.

Prices start around $300,000 in Rosslyn for a small unit and climb to over $3 million. Residents enjoy a close proximity to the water, the convenience of the Rosslyn Metro station as well as the Key Bridge which leads across the river to Washington, DC. Toss in plenty of shops and dining options and it’s easy to see why this neighborhood—despite continuing changes—retains its popularity.