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Mention Mount Vernon homes for sale and most people usually think of stately columned manors. It’s an image we retain both from childhood history books and the reality of present day real estate listings. Yes, this historic community in the southern part of Alexandria, Virginia is known for palatial mansions overlooking the Potomac River. And yes, the town was named for the plantation that was once owned by George Washington—the nation’s first president. 

The original estate still stands and is open to the public daily. Built by Washington over a 20-year period from 1758 to 1778, the Palladian structure with its sweeping veranda was the president’s country home until his death, and remained in his family for generations. If you're interested Mount Vernon, VA homes for sale, check out the MLS listings below to learn more.

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More About the Mount Vernon Real Estate Market

Mount Vernon's neighboring communities include Fort Hunt, Collingwood, the delightful mid-century modern Wessynton neighborhood and the tiny Woodlawn Manor estate. Real estate properties in this community of 12,500 residents are represented by a wide variety of ages, styles, property types and prices. And for those interested in condos for sale, there’s quite a few here, starting in the low $100s for small 1960s-style flats. These are mostly located to the inland portion of town, along the Richmond highway. However, there are some much pricier townhomes toward the water. 

It’s the detached single-family homes for sale that define this community, however. And, once again, there is a range of options to choose from. Houses start off in the high $300s for those ubiquitous post-World War II suburban residences—Ramblers and Split-level homes. Prices start to climb with Colonial styles from all eras, along with some Cape Cods and even Tudors.

But it’s the luxury homes for sale that reign supreme in Mount Vernon, from antiques to brand new custom monstrosities. You’ll find Colonials, Mediterraneans and even modernistic contemporary designs, along with those oversized castles with vaguely traditional hybrid architecture. Prices can top out at over $4 million and for that you should demand a circular driveway and a stunning river view.

Mount Vernon will always be associated with a certain time in history and a better way of life. Residents can enjoy great parks and recreation, two fabulous farmers markets, the mighty Potomac and its various tributaries, and the presence of great schools as well—including Belle View Elementary and Mt. Vernon High School with its International Baccalaureate program. Call District Partners at Compass to learn more, (202) 798-3600.

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