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The first thing you should know about Annandale is that there are plenty of homes and condos for sale in a wide array of prices from very affordable to seven-figure territory. And while this is a community steeped in history, the bulk of Annandale, VA homes for sale are from the modern era, including some very large custom mansions—you know, the kind with living rooms the size of dance halls.

Located in Fairfax County, Virginia, this large community covers nearly 19 square miles and that’s after annexing the neighborhoods of Wakefield and Woodburn so they could claim bragging rights as their very own towns. It’s also worth noting that the Capital Beltway runs right through Annandale from north to south, while Virginia Route 236 intersects east to west. Plus, Columbia Pike starts out here, heading east through Arlington and ending at the Pentagon.

Why all the geography? You want to know your commuter options, don’t you? And while you're learning more about this fabulous community, have a closer look at Annandale, VA homes for sale below:

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More About the Annandale Real Estate Market

Way back in 1665, Col. William Fitzhugh built the largest tobacco plantation in all of Virginia and named it Ravenswood. The location was picked for its access to Accotink Creek which was then a waterway deep enough for ocean-going ships. Plantation workers would roll giant tobacco hogsheads down to the creek for shipping. 

Six generations of Fitzhughs built their own stately manors, one of which still remains—known as Oak Hill. Over time, the town became known as Annandale and the early crossroads at the center of town turned into major arteries that now carry tens of thousands of happy motorists to and fro. You could accurately say this old tobacco plantation is now the epicenter for a large portion of Washington Metro.

A residential boom began around 1930 and you’ll find beautiful Colonial, Victorian, Dutch Revival and Tudor homes for sale that date back to that era. Construction has never really slowed down in this populous community—you’ll also find a lot of houses from the Brady Bunch School of Design, including the ubiquitous Split-level as well as Ranch-styles. Additionally, about a third of all properties are condos for sale, including townhouses from modest to not-so-modest prices. 

Homes for sale in Annadale, VA boasts plenty of outdoor recreation. Accotink Creek was dammed in 1960 and it’s now a lake with boating and fishing. There are too many parks to list along with wildlife and natural splendor. You can add a diverse range of restaurants, plenty of grocery options and the highly popular Annandale Farmers Market. Homes and condos for sale start around $140,000 and climb up past a million dollars for monster custom pads, but the bulk of properties find a comfortable range in the middle.