As Realtors in the Washington Metro area know all too well, our market is high-priced and competitive, with a learning curve that can be both arduous and expensive. Our agency offers a support and tech-savvy professional environment that empowers experienced agents and furthers their success. The icing on the cake is a low realty fee and 100% commission split.

Not only does District Partners Real Estate, LLC offer the highest compensation plan available in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC, we also offer the best tools, services and advice available in order to support agents working in a highly demanding real estate marketplace.

Innovation and forward thinking is key in the modern real estate habitat. We are committed to excellence in every facet of our business, from our location to our office space, and to our ever-expanding online presence. Our attention to detail together with an outstanding corporate image gives us a unique platform with which to best represent you and your services in one of the nation’s hottest real estate arenas.

District Partners Real Estate is about results and success. We are not a development pod for first-time Agents. We require that prospective associates already possess solid experience practicing real estate on a full-time basis. We are licensed to practice in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. Our primary focus is DC itself, Alexandria City, Arlington County, Fairfax County, Falls Church, Prince William County, Prince George’s County and Montgomery County.

If you feel you could be a fit with our company and wish to know more about our compensation plan, then please keep reading.


The importance of effective exposure—both locally, nationally and globally—cannot be emphasized enough. As real estate professionals we invest many of our resources expanding our marketing outreach. This provides you—as our partner real estate professional—the proper tools, techniques and materials to connect to as many people as possible, regardless of location.

Remember that the fast-growing Washington Metro real estate environment is not served by a one-pronged approach. It’s not just a about local marketing or a professional network. Buyers are coming from all over the world, lured by job growth, new tech sectors and countless other factors. It is imperative that you have all the necessary resources to present listings and services everywhere. Your clients will demand it and we make this a priority.


Sure there are other 100% commission-based agencies in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. But don’t just join the one with the lowest fees. Because you still need all the best the tools of the trade and you have to close a deal before you get the commission. Don’t waste your time and momentum by joining the wrong agency. Do your homework and don’t cut corners. Go check out other agencies in the Washington Metro area. Indeed, many of them are very good shops. But District Partners gives you whole package as well as 100% commission splits.


District Partners Real Estate is located in the heart of Alexandria’s popular Del Ray enclave, just blocks from Braddock Road Metro Station. We are licensed to practice real estate in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, and we service the entire DC Metro Area.

We thank you for visiting our agency portal and for taking the time to consider District Partners as your new broker and business partner. Call us today and we’ll discuss how to make a real difference for your career and for your wallet.

District Partners Real Estate, LLC is a privately owned and operated firm that is licensed to practice real estate in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. Any commissions advertised on this page are subject to change at any time. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome employment applications by competing the form below or otherwise contacting us directly. While District Partners Real Estate offers 100% commission splits for agents in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, there are minimum production restrictions that apply. Commission splits and all other terms of employment are only granted upon successful completion of a formal interview with the hiring broker.


Are you looking to increase your business opportunities? Do you want to ramp up production and get busy? We can help make that happen. District Partners Real Estate is a busy real estate agency with a strong and constantly expanding online presence. Join out in-house sales team and experience what it means to drive sales in one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. Washington Metro is a dynamic modern boom town with an expanding population, rising real estate values and hungry buyers. Contact us today and kick-start your career.
After all these enticements are you ready learn about our compensation plan?


Hopefully, after reading this far, you really are an agent with traditional real estate experience. In this event, our 100% commission program starts at $250.00 per month in office fees and $350.000 for each closed reaction. Of course, there is also the possibility that you have slightly less experience but are still incredibly driven, with a burning and insatiable desire to conquer the DC Metro marketplace. If that is the case, we will have devote some careful thought to your situation. But not to worry at the moment—we are going to lay out the framework of our easy-to-understand compensation plans. And if you truly think you are a good fit for our agency, feel free to contact us via the form listed at the end of all these words.

Compensation Plan #1.

Assuming you are an experienced agent as described above with a volume business, our 100% commission program starts at just $250.00 and $350.00 per each closed transaction.

The requirements for this program are as follows:
Minimum number of transactions per year: 18 listings or sales.
Minimum number of prior transactions: 24 listings or sales.
Minimum experience in residential real estate: Two years of continuous experience prior to joining District Partners Real Estate.
You’ll also need to be a member of MRIS, and a Local Association of Realtors
Additional Expenses: E&O Insurance and the Alexandria BPOL Tax.

Compensation Plan #2.

If you are an agent with a more moderate level of experience and a low-to-mid level of production, our 100% commission program starts with an increased office fee of $500.00 per month but the same low $350.000 for each closed transaction.

Minimum transactions per year: 10 listings or sales.
Minimum prior transactions: 18 listings or sales.
Minimum prior experience in residential real estate is two continuous years.
Memberships required: MRIS and Local Association of Realtors
Additional expenses are the same as above—E&O Insurance and Alexandria BPOL Tax.

Compensation Plan #3

If you are an agent with moderate experience but low production we offer our 70/30 commission split with no monthly office fees or closed transaction fees. We will also pay for your E&O Insurance and BPOL Tax. We offer this program in order to help you get your business up and running without incurring fees.
Of course, we would hope that you start piling up closings in order to get a better split and put more profit in your pocket.

Minimum transactions—three listings or sales per year.
Minimum prior transactions—five listings or sales.
Minimum experience in residential real estate is still two years prior to joining District Partners.
Memberships required: MRIS and Local Association of Realtors
No additional office-mandated expenses.

Please provide a valid email address.